• About us

    Shalom Shofars is a family business has been thriving from 1999. We use horns both from South Africa and neighbouring countries. In our factory we turn dirty, smelly horns into beautiful works of art!

    We have several styles of shofars: Partly polished, fully polished, air brushed and decorated. We also have shofar bags for sale to protect the beautiful shofar of your choice.

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    Open from:

    Mon-Thursdays [8am - 5pm]

    Fridays [8am - 4pm]

    For prompt service contact Joey on:

    +27 (0)65 143 0995

    • +27834329082
    • joey@shalomshofars.co.za
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  • Workmanship

    Our shofars or shofarot  (Hebrew) are immaculately cleaned and therefore have no odour and blow freely. Because they are so carefully cleaned and polished the shofars need no further user attention or cleaning.

    We craft small or big mouthpieces, dependent on your choice. We do not straighten our horns and every shofar is tested for clarity of sound. All our shofars are reasonably priced and are shipped worldwide.